Labels for Africa ColourControl is used on the Xeikons and is a cloud-based service that enables printers to offer repeatable and predictable colors and the best simulation of custom spot colors to their customers. It is a revolutionary methodology that excels in usability, speed and quality. In addition, operators need minimal training before they can start utilizing this service effectively.

The XeikonColorControl solution generates high quality ICC-profiles, with special prefixed settings, optimized for labels and packaging applications, document printing and book printing. Calculations are done on the web server and communicated within minutes.


Quality control is a first step in checking the production output. Xeikon ColorControl offers all possible methods to control a total environment.
  • Quality control for ISO/Fogra
  • Quality control for GRACol
  • Quality control for RGB workflows
  • Quality control for spot colors
  • Verify offset and digital productions
  • Process Corrected Aims
  • Control strip generator
  • Spot color database


Color management enables device optimization. With Xeikon ColorControl, it can be enabled with just one click. Users are able to fine-tune each specific device. As a cloud-based service, users always have access to the latest software version and developments.

  • ICC-profiles
  • Device links
  • Optimize color libraries
  • ICC Neutralizer
  • ICC Optimizer
  • Toner consumption control
  • Lowest common Denominator profiles
  • Proofing profiles
  • Profile editor
  • Gamut controller
  • MCPP (Multi Color Process Printing)


Data Analysis fits naturally within this workflow. Being a web based and database driven workflow, changes in hardware and/or software can be easily detected.

  • Analytic reports (back office)
  • Diagnostic reports (back office)
  • Push notifications (back office)
  • Management information reports