Digital label printing has what it takes

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Labels for Africa believes that Digital Label Printing has what it takes

Customer engagement is what it’s all about, and labelling is one of the tools to nurture it. Brand owners have their work cut out for them trying to build a recognizable brand while at the same time trying to win share of mind and wallet in a fiercely competitive and increasingly information-cluttered environment.

In order to maximize selling power, label designs need to be more eye-catching and sophisticated than ever. But these branding, design, and graphics requirements have not been the major challenges for label and packaging converters. To succeed, brands must cater to an increasingly diverse customer base, producing versions targeted to specific geographic, demographic, and psychographic groups. Brand owners want to take advantage of seasonal or event-related offerings and test marketing,while product life cycles in general continue to shorten.

Lastly, in an effort to lower capital requirements and with sustainability ever-higher on the agenda, brand owners, producers and retailers have started to embrace lean supply chain management practices, reducing their stocks and adopting just-in-time inventory policies. As a result of all this, label and packaging converters have had to accommodate a proliferation of SKUs, increasingly complex jobs, ever-shorter runs, and faster turnaround times, which puts conventional technologies at a disadvantage since shorter runs mean more frequent, time-consuming, and expensive make-readies of presses and finishing equipment.

Digital printing, however, can overcome these limitations like no other technology can as it offers unlimited variability. Not only is it uniquely suited to the production of multi-version labels and packagings, the absence of set-up costs also makes it ideal for cost-effective short to medium runs. And last but not least, it needs no further proof that it can meet the highest quality standards.

At Labels for Africa we believe that when you migrate to digital your business will change, whether your the customer or the manufacturer digital label printing will give you a competitive advantage.

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