Labels for Africa Franchise

A Labels for Africa franchise is a unique opportunity for label manufacturers already invested in narrow web label manufacture to Migrate to Digital. Ever considered digital label manufacture but do not have access to the significant capital investment? Take your business to the next level with by becoming a Labels for Africa franchisee. Franchise opportunities are available throughout Southern Africa.

Some of the benefits of operating as a Labels for Africa franchisee include:

No intense capital investment required in order to purchase a narrow web press. Capital investment into narrow web presses (including finishing units) vary from R1m to R18m depending on the technology. Signing up to the Labels for Africa franchisee network requires an investment of as little as R100,000 (excl VAT) per annum.

No investment into the support staff/facility enhancement to operate the Digi press. Some of the costs not considered in the purchase decision for a digital press are the costs of employing machine operators/graphic design teams/site enhancements to protect the technology/insurance costs/maintenance costs to name a few. By signing a Labels for Africa franchise, you will have access to the infrastructure already established, leaving you to the fun stuff of generating sales!

Labels for Africa Cash Back

Existing Spec Systems resellers will receive as much as 12% back on your monthly digital purchases through our franchisee incentive scheme.

Already Considering a Digital Press?

But what if I am already at a place where I am ready to take the next step into Digital? No problem! Labels for Africa will partner with you in the diligence process of acquiring your own technology. We will share key incites, already established into the advantages/disadvantages of each technology. We will help you get onto your own platforms, and through our key partnerships assist in negotiating the best possible deal for you and your business.

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