Blank Labels

Blank Label rolls

Blank Labels for barcode printers

Labels for Africa supplies a vast array of Labels in a variety of materials, adhesive, sizes and configurations to your specific requirements.  Typically we would require information regarding your application to recommend the best label solution for your environment.


Most labels are produced plain white, but we are able to flood coat or tint the entire label in a single colour, or print the label up to 3 colours using flexographic plates.  We can also match the colour you want exactly if you can supply us with a Pantone number.


Blank, Tinted or Printed

Blank, Tinted or Printed

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Transfer Ultra
  • Matt Vellum
  • Semi-Gloss Piggy-Back
  • Semi-Gloss Coverall
  • Transfer Standard Piggy-Back
  • Transfer Standard
  • Direct Thermal Top
    Blank Label Size & Roll Dimensions

    Blank Label Size & Roll Dimensions

  • Direct Thermal Economy
  • Thermal Top Piggy-Back
  • Dairyfilm
  • Matt Polyprop
  • Gloss Polyprop
  • Syntex
  • Tyvek
  • Fastyre
  • Syntex Piggy-Back


To orientate ourselves when describing a label, we always refer to the size of the label in Width x Height in millimeters (mm).  This allows for a uniform system of describing and measuring labels.  In the graphic below we hope to familiarize you with some terms used in the industry when describing a roll of labels.

With over 200 active label sizes, but with many more available, you are certain to find what you are looking for.  Simply let us know what your requirements are, and we will either match it to an exact or similar size, or we can even make up the specific Tooling to produce your labels.

Besides the most popular regtangles and squares, we are also able to cut circles, ovals and any other shape you may require.


  • Acrylic – Basic Water-based adhesive for everyday labelling
  • Hotmelt – Longer lasting adhesive for harsher labelling
  • High-tack – Very strong adhesive for permanent harsh labelling
  • Low-tack (Removable) – For adhering labels that needs to be removed again
  • Deep Freeze – For low temperature adhesion and labelling for fridge-item labelling
  • Ultra Deep Freeze – For labelling of items that will be labelled and stored in freezer rooms


  • 19mm – Certain Mobile Printer Models
  • 25mm – Mobile and Desktop Printer Models
  • 38mm – Desktop and Commercial Printer Models
  • 40mm – Desktop and Commercial Printer Models
  • 44mm – Desktop and Commercial Printer Models
  • 76mm – Commercial and High Performance Printer Models


We rewind the labels onto suitable cores sizes and in quantities so as to not exceed the maximum outer diameter allowed for your printer model.  We aim to wind in increments of 250, 500, 1,000 or more, depending on the label size.

When placing your label order please specify your printer make and model so that we can rewind the labels onto the appropriate core and put the correct number of labels on the roll.


In most cases when the label width exceeds 65mm we only produce labels in a 1up configuration.  If the label width is however below 65mm we are able to cut the labels more to a view or across.  This does not only save money on ribbon but also printing time as 2 to 10 labels can be printed at a time.  Using the whole width (or as much as possible) is also better for print head life.

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